About Rhapsody Tv

The Rhapsody TV 24 hours Channel is a News channel that reports the global impact of Rhapsody of Realities through inspirational, informational, educational, and engaging programs such as: news bulletins, news analysis shows, documentaries, talk shows, inspirational Songs, live programming and events, entertainment, and lots more!

Beyond our live programming, the Rhapsody TV Online Channel is also a one-stop resource portal where you can easily access archived testimonies and impact videos, thus making it an indispensable evangelical tool to preach the Gospel. Users can also make live comments, upload feeds, contact support in real time, sponsor a campaign during a live program, share testimonies and much more!

The Rhapsody TV Channel inspires Faith For Greater Exploits with the messenger Angel, On The Go! There’s nothing else like it!

Rhapsody Programmes